Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Luxury SUV That I Want

This is Lincoln Navigator 2012. This time it's about SUV, also one of my dream car. I started to like this when i played "Need For Speed" and this is my main car in SUV Chapter Race. Like i said in my recent posts i really enjoyed playing the game and i customized the lincoln navigator parts. I put NOS(Nitrous Oxide System) and upgraded some parts like the suspensions, bumpers, spoilers, sound system and the body kits. I changed the tires & rims and put wheels spinners in it. I also changed and upgraded the interior of the car. I customized it to look more stylish and cool.

I will share some features about this car. The engine of this car is 5.4L and has a wide ratio 6-speed automatic transmission V8 performance and it is Flex-Fuel capable. It has a Multi-Link Rear Suspension, the MLRS let's the rear wheels to respond good in bumps and jolts. Another feature is the Control Trac 4WD, this system enhances the handling in slippery and dry road surface. For the safety feature, it has a 911 Assist system. The 911 assist is connected to the 911 operators, if you are in an emergency situation it will trigger immediately. The car has a 6 Standard Airbag. Another feature is the AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability System Control, this systems monitors turning rates and vehicle roll. Another is the Trailer Sway Control, this system maintains the stability and control of the car. Another feature is the SOS Post-Crash Alert System, this feature will help locate your car instantly when you are in a emergency situation. That's all i can share, the features here is not complete i just shared some information about it, I think it might help you in some ways, so enjoy reading. :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Like This Car 2

This is the Chevrolet Corvette Coupe 2012. It is also one of my dream car, i really like cars from chevy especially the corvette. I started to like the corvette when i began playing Gran Turismo in PS1 and i became addicted in playing the game, i customized my corvette and bought all the high end car parts that will make my car look stylish and cool. Then i discovered another car racing game in PS1, it is "Need For Speed". When I started the game I picked the corvette as my main car and also i became addicted in playing it, i also customized my car and also bought all the high end car parts and made my car look very cool. 

I will elaborate some of the features and specifications of Corvette Coupe 2012. The engine is 6.2L 430-hp LS3 V8, it has a 4 front and side airbags. The system ignition is keyless and has a dual-zone automatic climate control. The audio system is 7 speaker with satellite radio and has a cd player & audio auxiliary jack. For the powertrain and performance, it has a six-speed manual transmission and launch control and also has a optional dual exhaust. Corvette has a great fuel capacity and efficency. For the safety, it has a anti lock disc brake system and great stability control. That's all i can share folks although its not the complete features and specifications, i think it can give you some information about Corvette Coupe. :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Subaru Impreza WRX Highlights

I just want to share some of the highlights of Subaru Impreza WRX. Let's start from engine parts and drive train, the engine is a DOHC turbocharged system and has a boxer diesel. The engine has a compact design, when it comes to acceleration it is very smooth, excellent and top grade level also when in low speed the torque is still in high level. In terms of fuel capacity it is very efficient and has a low CO2 emissions. For the stability and traction, it has a VDC(Vehicle Dynamic Control) stability control this control utilizes the speed of wheel, the angle of steering, the pressure of brake and the car's movement from side to side. It also detects what path is the driver taking and what path the vehicle is taking. When it comes to chassis, it has a 36.1 feet rack-and-pinion steering, 4-wheel sport tuned independent suspension, 4-disc ventilated front brakes, bembo performance braking system and brake assist. For the brake assist, it can detect emergency brake quickly also when brake pressure is at maximum the emergency brake will be applied immediately. The wheels and tires are aluminum alloy.

For the exterior, it has a low-beam and high-beam multireflector halogen headlights. The headlight is HID and the taillights is LED. Rear bumper is integrated with diffuser and the exhaust is quad stainless steel. The side mirrors are equipped with power turn signals. The audio is a 6 speaker system and has a USB and auxiliary jack. For the convenience feature, it has a electric cruise control also power front and rear windows with auto up/down. And it has a voice activated GPS navigation system, another feature is the automatic climate control system, it is great when the weather changes. That's all i can share folks, these are not the complete highlights but i think it will help you know some parts or some information about Subaru Impreza.

I Like This Car!

This is Subaru WRX STI, this is one of my dream car and i really really like this car ever since i learned about cars. Subaru is manufactured by japanese car maker Fuji Heavy Industries Subaru. I started to like this car when i watched the anime "Initial D". Initial D is a japanese anime and it is about illegal japanese street car racing. The racing scenes focuses on drifting in uphill and downhill also in some rare urban cities. There are 8 stages or 8 chapter arcs, in these stages the main character is competing in every location or prefecture and they are battling it out if who's gonna be the best drifter in that town or prefecture. I like Subaru Impreza because of the style, it's like me cool and great (lol that's only a joke). For the car's interior it has a good audio system, automatic climate control, touch screen GPS navigation system and six airbags. And for the car's exterior it has a turbocharged engine, great wide body design and quad outlet exhaust.

This car is really a great one, so what i'm gonna do is save and save and save money in order for me to afford this one. I will also save money to buy some good subaru parts and customize it like a drifting race car, like the car in Initial D. I think it will be so cool if i can have one and do what i want to do. That's all folks, this is my first blog article hope you enjoyed reading this article. :)